Tour Belitung to Cultural and Historical Destinations

Travelers from Indonesia and abroad can use local Belitung tour and travel agent that specializes in Belitung tour and holiday packages services. The agent will provide route that consists of Belitung’s most iconic destinations. Besides the beaches and islands, Belitung is also famous for its historical and cultural destinations.

Here are the top destinations in Belitung when it comes to cultural and historical attractions:

  • Tanjung Lancor lighthouse. This lighthouse is one of the Dutch colonial relics that are still scattered in Bangka Belitung. The lighthouse is located in Gual Village, and seems like an unremarkable old lighthouse. However, once you finish taking the stairs, you will be greeted with amazing view.
  • Sekolah Dasar Muhammadiyah. This is an elementary school featured in the famous Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troop) novel by Andrea Hirata, which is also shown in the movie adaptation. Located in Laskar Pelangi Road, the building is actually a replica of the original school. While there is not much to do here except taking pictures and relieving the movie and novel, this school building is usually included as a quick detour in tour Belitung package.
  • Belitung traditional house. This cultural attraction is located in Tanjung Pandan, and great for travelers who love learning about local tradition when visiting an area. This is a traditional house where visitors can see and imagine how the people used to live in the past. As a cultural site, there are staff members that give information to the visitors.
  • Manggar Town. This is one of the most famous towns in Belitung, and known as “City of 1,000 Coffee Shops,” because of the abundant numbers of traditional coffee shops that sell local coffee here. The town is humble and not modern, but it was an important center of tin mining industry by the Dutch colonial in the 19th century. Manggar has several tourist attractions such as Beransai Park, morning fish market, and seafood restaurant by the lake.
  • Pice Dam. This is another historical site from the Dutch colonial era, when Belitung was an important tin mining center. The dam itself needs lots of attention, but locals love coming to this area to take photographs and stroll. The dam is located near Manggar, so travelers can come to see the historical site during their visit to Manggar.
  • Hindu Temples. Belitung is a home of many Balinese immigrants; many of them live in Giri Jati Village. The village is easily recognized by its engraved Balinese-style gates. The village is a location of several Hindu temples, plus an old cemetery and mosque.
  • Fu De Chi Temple. This is a Kong Hu Chu temple located in Kelapa Kampit, East Belitung. Many Chinese travelers, especially with Kong Hu Chu belief, visit this temple during tour Belitung. The temple is relatively new, and was built with the local’s initiative.
  • Kwan Im Temple. This is a Buddhist temple built during the 18th century by the first Chinese workers in Belitung. The temple is dedicated to Vidhara and located near a Chinese cemetery.

Not all these places are offered in Belitung tour package, but travelers can easily make detour to visit these places, ideally between main destinations such as beaches and islands.

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