Tips to Enjoy Island Hopping Belitung

Belitung Tours activity that is most recommended is island-hopping, and there are useful tips to make island-hopping more convenient. Belitung is an island in Western Indonesia that have become famous as a tropical island destination since a decade ago, and typical Belitung tour activities usually include island-hopping. Belitung is a part of Bangka Belitung, an Indonesian province that consists of two major islands and hundreds of smaller islands.

These two islands are surrounded by about 400 small islands, and many of them are still not named. Some of the islands around Belitung are popular destinations for island hopping, because their beauty is still pristine and natural.

You need good preparation to do satisfying island hopping trip around Belitung. Using the right Belitung travel agent service is how you enjoy the trip without wasting time, especially if you only have short time for Belitung Tours. Planning ahead is recommended to make sure that all the best destinations are covered. See Belitung Tours Packages

Common Island-Hopping Destinations in Belitung Holiday

There are many uninhabited small islands around Belitung that become popular destinations for island-hopping. These islands (“pulau” in Indonesian) are usually included in travel package activities, in which travelers can enjoy several islands during the trip. Here are several popular destinations for island-hopping activity in Belitung tours :

Lengkuas Island. This island has beautiful coral formations and often becomes snorkeling spot. This is the location of a 19th century lighthouse built by the Dutch, and the condition is still good. Travelers can walk atop the lighthouse with the fee of 5,000 Rupiahs (around 30 cents) to see the surrounding scenery.

Burung Island. This island is named “Burung” (bird) because of a big granite formation that forms a bird head-like shape. This island has pristine beaches and houses several secluded cottages.

Pasir Island. This island is called “Pasir” (sand) because it is a sandy area that can only be visited during low tide; the island will submerge under the water during high tide. Therefore, you must calculate the time to visit this island, except if you use travel agent such as Belitung Holiday. When the tide is low, you can see many starfishes covering the sand island.

Batu Berlayar Island. This is land is the same like Pasir: the sandy surface only appears when the tide is low. The island is called “Batu Berlayar” (sailing rocks) because of vertical rock formations that look like sails.

Kepayang Island. Also known as Babi Island, this island consists of two parts, the Babi Besar and Babi Kecil. These small islands have white sand and exceptionally clear water, with natural granite formations.

These islands are the most common destinations in island-hopping activity in Belitung, and they are usually covered in Belitung tour packages. Island-hopping is usually done by boats rented locally. Travelers must remember that these islands are protected by local conversation NGO, so there must be no trashes or damage left in the islands or beaches.

Tips to Do Island Hopping in Belitung Holiday

Island-hopping is an activity that can be done in one day, depending on how long you want to stay in Belitung. Travel agents usually offer short-period packages that include island-hopping, and this activity can be done in one day if the travelers choose short package for Belitung Tours.

Meanwhile, if the travelers choose to rent their own boats without using travel agent, they must pay between 450,000 Rupiahs (around $30) and 60,000 Rupiahs (around $45) for a day. The price commonly includes foods provided by the boat owners, but travelers can bring their own foods.

Bringing own foods are recommended, because there are no places to buy foods once you are in the island-hopping route. Travelers in Belitung holiday who do island-hopping can bring snorkeling equipment, sun hat, and other beach-combing equipment to enjoy the day on secluded, pristine beaches.

If you have interests in environment, you can visit Kepayang Islang Conservation Center, which was initiated by the local NGO who wants to protect Belitung’s natural beauty. This conservation center consists of sea turtle sanctuary, coral garden, and diving area. The conservation center has restaurant and some accommodations, albeit not in huge numbers.

To make sure that you can do island-hopping without troubles, it is better to sign up for travel packages to Belitung. One of the best local travel agents to order island-hopping activity is Belitung Tours, which also offers one day tour for travelers with limited time.

You can also save money for the boat, foods and other services if you bring companions in the belitung tour package. Island-hopping is one of the best activities to do in Belitung, and Belitung Tours travel agent makes sure that you can enjoy the day without problems.