Enjoy Underwater Beauty Spots in Belitung, Indonesia

For those who love underwater wonder, there is no need to visit Wakatobi or Raja Ampat, or Pulau Seribu to get the chances to play with the beautiful coral fishes. Belitung offers you the hidden paradise of underwater life. Belitung Island is a perfect destination for snorkeling and dividing as well as taking beautiful photos with undisturbed nature as the background.

There are some favorite snorkeling and diving spots in Belitung Island, and most of them are located at the northern part of the district.

Most Favorite Diving Spots in Belitung

When visiting Belitung for its wonderful beaches, you can also explore the beauty and thrill of underwater life. Belitung offers pollution-free spots for diving and snorkeling. The following are some favorite diving spots in Belitung:

  • Diving with tamed sharks in Nangka Island
  • Diving with hawksbill in Lengkuas Island
  • Fantastic Snorkling spots at : Pasir Island, Leebong island, and Batu Belayar island
  • Exploring cave in Seadong Island
  • Playing with jellyfish along with the water area of Belitung

So, where are other favorite snorkling and diving spots in Belitung?

Never miss the chance to explore the best drive sire in the western part of Belitung. It is Batu Malang Kecil, which is a rich habitat of jellyfish, nudibranch, yellow tail, large-tailed snapper, and jackfish. You can get to the diving site within 30-minute trip from Tanjung Kelayang Beach.

Are they enough?
No. You will get different sensation of underwater exploration by visiting other popular spots for diving in Belitung. They include Batu Mandi, Rengit Island, Mentikus Island, Karang Selai Island, as well as small islands around Tanjung Kelayang Beach.

For snorkelers, Pulau Lengkuas is the best choice. It offers wonderful sensation of snorkeling, which you will not enjoy in other snorkeling areas in Belitung. Here, you will snorkel in clean and pollution-free water and along the relatively stable waves. Get the excitement by playing with the colorful coral fishes.

You know, hundreds or even thousands of fish species live in this island, and they are good partners for your snorkeling exploration. Get them by bringing fish feeds, and hundreds of them will gather around you. Where will you get such a sensation?

Diving Season and Accessibility

As discussed above, Tanjung Kelayang is only 27 kilometers from Tanjung Pandan City. You can rent traditional boats to get there; alternatively, you can go with a travel agent (contact Belitung Tours team) with affordable rates. To visit Lengkuas Island – another snorkeling and diving spot, you can rent fisherman boat at low rates.
However, for your own safety, do not forget to bring protective and supporting supplies and apparels, such as life jacket as well as snorkeling and diving equipment. You can get them from the rental agencies around Tanjung Kelayang Beach.

So, when is the best time to visit those favorite diving sites in Belitung Island?
March to October is the best time to go diving in Belitung, Indonesia. During the remaining months, the wind blows faster, thus providing the divers with harder challenges.

Overall, there are about 14 favorite diving spots in Belitung, Indonesia. Imagine the wonder you will enjoy! Imagine the natural beauty you will see! Imagine the thrill you will feel! Explore the beauty of underwater life of Belitung Island by visiting these areas. Indonesia