Discover Lengkuas Island Belitung

Discover Lengkuas Island Belitung. Summary: Lengkuas Island Belitung is not just a beautiful small island, but also a historical spot that marks the Dutch colonial era in Western Indonesia.

Lengkuas Island Belitung: Historical Trace of Dutch Colonial Era
Bangka Belitung Province has many historical spots that mark the remnants of Dutch colonial era, such as Lengkuas Island Belitung.

The island is just about one hectare wide, but it has all the characteristics of typical beaches in Belitung: pristine, has white sand, coral reefs and blue-green water, and with natural granite formations in some spots. The small island is one of the destinations for island-hopping trip in Belitung, and a great photography spot.

Historical Attractions in Lengkuas Island Belitung

Lengkuas Island Belitung is famous for its lighthouse, which was built by the Dutch in 1882. The lighthouse was built to guide merchant and war ships that maneuvered around the rocks. Now, the lighthouse is still operating, and the locals still take care of the building.

As the highlight of the island, this lighthouse is a popular site for travelers to see the view and taste a little daredevil adventure, as the lighthouse is about 70 meters high. The entrance to the lighthouse is free, although travelers can put some small cash in donation box.

Travelers can climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse, and see beautiful view around the island. From the top, you can see the neighboring islands, blue-and-green sea water, white sand, and fishermen boats around the island.

You can also see natural granite formations, which are common on the shores of various islands that comprise Bangka Belitung Province. You can climb on top of the lighthouse after getting permission from the person who guards the place, and the trip to the top is quite a thrilling experience.

There are other historical sites in the island, such as Dutch cemeteries that date back to the 19th century. You can learn about the historical background of this island to the local guide. Other activities include typical island activities, such as beach-strolling, snorkeling, and taking pictures.

Tips to Visit Lengkuas Island Belitung

Lengkuas Island can be reached by rented boat from Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, or Tanjung Binga beaches. Since this is a small island, there are some tips you can follow to make your visit more convenient: Go with friends to share the boat-trip price. Most local boats can cost between IDR.350,000 and IDR.500,000 Rupiahs (about $26 to $38), but if you travel with some friends, you can cut the boat rental fee real low, especially since most boats have capacity between 5 and 10 people. Read more for Belitung tours packages with trip to Lengkuas Island Belitung.

Bring enough water. The island does not have fresh water source, and it depends on the supply from neighboring islands. Therefore, bring much bottled water or water gallon if you plan to stay with friends for a night.

If you do not want to stay in one of the bungalows or cabins, you can also camp on the beach. Just make sure to bring all the equipment and tools necessary, since there are no camping stores around.

Lengkuas Island Belitung may not be an island for long holiday in Belitung, but it is a great, beautiful stop for island hopping trip in Belitung.