Discover Leebong Island Belitung

Discover Leebong Island Belitung – Leebong (Lelebong) island is an island placed in West Coast of Belitung. It is an island specially prepared for tourist and adventurer in a non ordinary location. The island is known as one of the amazing islands with its natural beauty surrounded by. a vast expanse of white sand bank. Life at ease with amazing nature. Free Sand Island Tour. Free Mineral Water. All Island Facilities. Daily Day Trip. Featured hotels: Barata Villa, Declan Villa.

Location : Pegantungan, Badau, Tanjung Pandan, Pulau Belitung 33411, Indonesia.
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Before visiting Leebong Island, you will be taken to the mangrove for sightseeing tour. It is a very nature mangrove habitat and very calm. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, where birds is singing on their words and the marines life dancing in the water, and a lot of mangrove ecosystem you can see there, not mention the coral beneath it.

Fasilities : Chicas Sea Gazebo (Chikas Sea Gazebo are located in the beach. They are made from best chosen hard wood. Are the place where you can enjoy the beach in an open room gathering with friends or families), Children Playground, Leebong Restaurant, Toilet + Dressing + Shower, Gazebo, Leebong Convenience Store, Upwater Hammock, Tree Hut(Tree Hut are located near the beach. They are made from best chosen hard wood. Are the place where you can enjoy the beach in an open room gathering with friends or families).

After enjoy the mangrove, you will be taken to a place called Sand Island. This island is full of sands and it will disappeared in the high tide. It is a very beautiful place for swimming, take a photo, or just relax there. The place is so amazing with the combine color of white, green, and blue. Please mind to put back starfish to water after you are taking photo with it. We appreciate if you care to them also. Read More Belitung Tours Packages include Leebong island Trip.

Things To Do

Bicycle, Bonfire, Karaoke, Kayak, Paddle Board, Snorkeling, Swimming, volly, Table Tennis, and yoga, Nyuloh, sunset view, sunrice view, and tracking the island.

Travel Tips : One Day Trip Leebong Island : After breakfast, proceed to Pegantugan Harbour to get to Pulau Leebong, known for its natural beauty and features a vast expanse of white sand bank, mangrove, and unique natural tropical forest richness with Simpor flowers.

Upon arrival at Leebong Island, explore: Chicas Beach: Turquoise colour in the ocean and white sand sparkling on your side, nothing can hold you to start walking towards the sea. Zarra Tree House: Pulau Leebong’s very first tree house made from high quality wood with nature culture touch. Floating Gazebos: During high tide, the gazebos appear to be floating on the turquoise waters. After that, back to Pegantugan Harbour, dinner at local resto, back to hotel and free time. Find Honeymoon in Belitung Packages with trip to Leebong Island.