Discover Kepayang Island Belitung

Discover Kepayang Island Belitung. Summary: Kepayang Island Belitung is a unique combination between natural paradise, snorkeling heaven, and marine conservations.

Natural Attractions and Conservation in Kepayang Island Belitung

Belitung has many pristine paradises to explore, but Kepayang Island Belitung offers opportunities to enjoy and learn about its paradise. Located in the administrative area of West Belitung Regency, Kepayang is just one of the smaller islands that become parts of Belitung Island.

Also known as Pulau Babi (Pig Island), Kepayang is the largest among these smaller islands, and yet uninhabited. The island is reserved for natural tourism and conservation projects, which make the island able to keep its pristine beauty.

Kepayang Island Belitung Natural Attractions

Kepayang Island, Belitung has typical beach you can see in many areas in Belitung; warm, has white sand and clear blue water, and has natural granite formation. The island is also a place for local fishermen to stop by, and lines of poles where fishermen tie their boats can also be seen.

The coral reefs in this island make it ideal habitat for many colorful fish and other marine creatures, which make the island even more beautiful as snorkeling and fishing spot.

Kepayang Island has several cottages, simple cabins that travelers can use to relax and unwind, complete with toilets and semi-opened gazebo-style place to relax. Snorkeling and fishing are two popular activities in Kepayang Island, but travelers must bring their own equipment. Kepayang Island Belitung is also a place for conservation; here, you can find coral reef and sea turtle conservation centers.

Travelers can even donate to have their names tagged on new coral reefs that are about to planted in the sea, which means that their names will last for many years under the sea while the reefs grow.

If joining travel group, travelers can get snorkeling and fishing equipment to use in the island. However, ask to make sure that such facilities are included with the price. Kepayang Island also has many great spots for photography, and some travel agents even offer pre-wedding package for couples to go island-hopping and finding the right spots for pre-wedding photo sessions, including in Kepayang Island.

How to Reach Kepayang Island Belitung

Kepayang Island can be reached with 15-minute boat trip from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, which is located 27 km from Tanjung Pandan Town. If you just land at H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjung Pandan and want to go to Kepayang Island, you will need about 135 minutes of trip using land transportation and boat to finally reach the island. However, it is easy to find transportation that will take you to the island, even if you do not use travel agent service.

First, you can booking Belitung Tours package or rent a car from rental car services in Belitung Holiday, available widely near the airport and in the town. From Tanjung Pandan city, you can rent a boat from locals to go to the island. You must discuss about the price if you want to do island-hopping.

You must also bring your own foods and drinks, since there are no restaurants or shops in the island. Travel agents usually include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and water, but at least you should bring extra bottled water.

In short, Kepayang Island, Belitung is a heaven not just for snorkeling, but also for marine creatures that need to be conserved.