Belitung Vacation: Favorite Island Destination in Western Indonesia

Belitung vacation is the best option for island travel destination in Western Indonesia, especially with the best travel service. If Eastern Indonesia has Bali and Lombok, Western Indonesia has Belitung vacation for travelers who love island holidays. Belitung is actually just one part of Bangka Belitung Province, which actually consists of around 450 smaller islands.

Bangka Belitung was used to be known only as tin mining sources, the province got more popular as travel destination after the release of Laskar Pelangi (Eng: The Rainbow Troops), a based-on-true-story novel by Andrea Hirata, a native of Belitung. Now, Bangka Belitung is known as one of the most popular island destinations in Indonesia, aside from Bali and Lombok.

Popular Belitung Vacation Beach Destinations
Belitung is famous for natural and cultural destinations, with wide ranges of activities travelers can do, from outdoor adventures to cultural sightseeing, from culinary exploration to shopping. Belitung has many white, tropical beaches that are still not as crowded as popular beaches such as Kuta and Sanur.

Many of these beaches are still untouched by tourist facilities. While they may require extra efforts to reach, the pristine natural beauty has made Belitung beaches popular in any Belitung vacation package.

Belitung is especially famous for its beaches. Most beaches in this island are still clean and untouched, with white sand and clear, blue water. Belitung beaches have natural granite formations that form amazing view and even “natural playground,” which are natural boulders, towers and tunnels that make Belitung coastal landscape beautiful.

Popular beaches in Belitung are, such as Burung Mandi, Membalong, Tanjung Kelayang, and Punai Beaches. They are among the most popular beach destinations in Belitung holiday. These beaches are also great photography objects for photographers that specialize in Indonesian landscape. Some of these granite formation beaches also became popular after the release of Laskar Pelangi movie adaptation.

Belitung is surrounded by smaller islands such as Pulau Kera, Pulau Jenang, Pulau Babai, Pulau Pangadaran, and Pulau Burung and Leebong Island. These smaller islands can be reached by boats and have beautiful natural sceneries. Because of its position, Belitung is an ideal start to do island-hopping with locally rented boats.

However, Belitung vacation is not just about beaches and beautiful islands. This island also offers some historical and cultural destinations.

Belitung Historical and Cultural Destinations

Belitung is an island with rich cultural assimilation and heritage. 20 percents of Bangka Belitung population are from Chinese descents, and their cultural influences are prominent, so there are many cultural sightseeing spots in Belitung that show this cultural pattern, such as Kong Hu Chu and Buddhist temples.

Belitung population also consists of other ethnic groups, such as Balinese and Bugis, and their cultures give more colors to cultural attractions in Belitung. The mixed cultural influences can also be seen in various things such as Bugis traditional houses, Hindu temple, and Malayan traditional boats that will remind you of Caribbean fishermen boats.

Chinese influences are also clear in the local foods, and there are mixes of Chinese spices, ingredients, and cooking methods in many Belitung culinary. They are among the most popular features in Belitung vacation. However, Belitung is also famous for its seafood restaurants, as well as mi Belitung (Belitung noodles).

The rising stream of travelers to Bangka and Belitung has caused many business owners to come and started their own restaurants or food stalls. Manggar Beach is also a popular place to drink coffee and eat snacks at traditional coffee shops while watching beautiful beach view. Manggar City is famous among locals and Indonesian coffee lovers with its numerous traditional coffee shops.

Tips for the Best Belitung Tours

While Belitung may not be a big island, there are many great things to do and places to see. Belitung is still growing, so the facilities are still limited, albeit they have been greatly improving lately. For example, some cheap hotels may only receive cash. Some hotels may recommend rental cars that are owned privately by locals, so they do not insurance. Many homestays are actually homes of the locals that they turn into homestays, so travelers must pay attention to the signs that tell them the houses are actually lodgings.

If you want to Tours in Belitung without difficulties, you should use travel service that caters to Bangka and Belitung trip. Belitung tours is one of the best travel agents that deal with Belitung vacation packages, from accommodation to scheduled trips. Whether you have long or short time of holiday, you can make it more memorable and convenient with travel agent service such as Belitung Tour Company. Make your Belitung tour Packages fun with service that gives you all the best experiences in this island.

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