Belitung Tour Package to Enjoy Culinary Trip

is the best way to be able to do culinary adventure in Belitung Island and its surroundings.

Belitung is a part of Bangka and Belitung Province, which is rich with cultures, and Belitung tour package offers opportunities to sample cultural attractions. One of the most popular aspects in Belitung travel is the culinary, and many tour packages give travelers opportunities to sample unique foods and beverages.

Belitung is a home of various ethnicities such as Chinese, Malay, Bugis and Balinese, and it was also an important tin mining post of the Dutch colonial in the 19th century.

Belitung is also a place where Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and Kong Hu Chu cultures merge, and these are apparent in various cultural attractions such as culinary.

If you travel with Belitung tour package, you can get opportunities to taste Belitung’s rich culinary during the trip, such as trying the most iconic foods or eating at famous restaurants.

Popular Restaurants in Belitung Tour Package

After the surge of popularity in the middle of year 2003, Belitung saw emerge of many restaurants and food stalls that became popular eating places. Travelers who join Belitung tour package, such as the ones offered by Belitung Tuors, can get opportunities to eat at some of these popular restaurants. Here are some of the most iconic Belitung restaurants:

• Fega Restaurant
This restaurant is located in Manggar, a town that is also known for its numerous coffee stalls and shops. The restaurant is unique because of its boat-like design, and it has beautiful view. The restaurant mostly serves seafood, and while the foods are delicious, the price is quite expensive, and travelers are advised to make reservation first (unless you come in a tour group).

• Mie Belitung Atep
Mie Belitung (Belitung noodle) is an iconic dish in the island, and Mie Belitung Atep is the most famous Belitung noodle restaurant. Noodles in this restaurant are cheap, but it can be quite packed. Many Belitung tour packages usually include this restaurant in the trip, so travelers who go with tour package can get tables.

• Rumah Makan Belitung Timpo Duluk
The restaurant is famous because of its vintage decoration, with architecture that looks like Belitung’s traditional house. The restaurant serves local foods using vintage plates, glassware, and bowls. The restaurant is so popular that travelers are suggested to make reservation first.

• Pendapa Restaurant & Café
This is among the newest restaurants in Belitung, which serves various grilled seafood dishes. The restaurant’s name was taken from the type of roof design used in this restaurant’s architecture. This restaurant was built in Manggar Junction, an area that was developed in order to accommodate tourism growth.

• Warung Kopi (Coffee Shop) Kong Djie
Belitung is popular for its numerous coffee shops, which mostly have vintage or old-fashioned design. However, the best coffee shops are quite popular among locals and frequent travelers to Belitung. Best coffee shops such as Warung Kopi Kong Djie are usually included in Belitung tour package. Typical coffee drink in such coffee shops are typically black coffee or coffee with sweet condensed milk (like Vietnamese coffee but less sweet), complete with finger foods and local snacks.

Tour packages usually consist of visiting restaurants, or buying foods from local restaurants to all tour members. For activities in locations far from restaurants, such as island-hopping between small, uninhabited islands around Belitung, travelers get foods from local restaurants to take.

Recommended Belitung Foods Restorants

Belitung has many traditional or iconic foods that are not only sold at restaurants, but also at gift shops. Belitung tour travel agent will include gift shops or shopping trip in the itinerary, which is an opportunity for travelers to buy and bring home some Belitung snacks or signature foods.

Some of the popular foods are savory or used as cooking ingredients, while others are sweet. Belitung foods show mix of cultures between Chinese, Malay, and Bugis.

Many of Belitung foods are made of seafood ingredients. Ketam isi (lit: “stuffed crab”) is a seafood dish made of crab meat that is taken from the shells, mixed with spices and fried, before being replaced into the shells.

Another typical food to take home by travelers is pempek, a type of fish cake that is popular in Sumatra region. There is also Sambal Lingkong, which is shredded fish cooked with coconut milk and local spices. Fried siput gonggong is also popular; this snack is made of fried snails, and is also quite popular in Batam and Bangka Islands, not just in Belitung.

Belitung is a place rich with culinary delights that show mixtures of various cultures. Belitung tour service such as Belitung Holiday will help travelers trying the best of these foods during the trip, even it is a short or 1-day trip.