Batu Mentas Belitung: Eco Tourism in Unique Natural Attraction

Batu Mentas Belitung: Eco Tourism in Unique Natural Attraction. Summary: Batu Mentas, Belitung – Indonesia is a natural attraction that becomes one of the most important and and unique eco tourism destinations.

Belitung is just one part of Bangka Belitung Province, but Batu Mentas, Belitung seems like harboring all the best natural attractions in this island. With really cheap entrance fee, you will suddenly be taken to a beautiful world, perfect as natural traveling destinations for family.
The place is also easy to reach from bigger towns such as Manggar or Tanjung Pandan, and it is also a perfect place to enjoy what Belitung offers in eco tourism.

Batu Mentas is about 30 minutes of driving from Tanjung Pandan City, or an hour from Manggar Town. You can use rental car in Belitung and Holiday Tour Packages to reach the place, if you do not use travel service.
The natural attractions and eco tourism place is located in Kelekar Datuk Village, Badau Sub-district, West Belitung.

What Batu Mentas Belitung Offers

Batu Mentas Belitung is a natural attraction that consists of forest area that is mostly covered with red clay soil, rivers, and natural granite formation; the latter is typical natural phenomenon you can see on the beaches in Belitung.

The area offers beautiful natural attraction, with the clear, pristine Batu Mentas river that becomes ideal place to unwind, have fun, and splash around to cool off. The river also has small fish and surrounded by natural granite formations, forming great spots to enjoy the day, take pictures, and unwind.

The area also has several gazebos, so travelers can sit and enjoy the view more comfortably (but do not forget to carry your own trash!). There are also several tourist facilities, including a restaurant that specializes in local cuisine.

The entry fee is cheap; 10,000 Rupiahs or less than a Dollar, but you should spend a bit more for tip if you come with a guide. Besides those, the place still does not many tourist facilities, but apparently, that is exactly what some travelers look for: to escape from the hurly-burly of urban crowd.

Tarsius Sanctuary in Batu Mentas Belitung

Batu Mentas Belitung is the location of Batu Mentas Eco Lodge and Tarsius Sanctuary, an integrated facility that combines eco-tourism activities, lodging, and Tarsius sanctuary and education center for travelers.

The accommodation is unique because the lodges are shaped like tree houses or safari-style tents, located in the middle of lush forest trees (located a little higher from the ground for ambience and safety). The lodges are perfect for those who want to stay away for a while from urban crowds and bustles.

The Tarsius Sanctuary is an important conservation area, where the rare, endemic Pacific species of Tarsius are bred and monitored closely. Travelers can learn much about the animal, to improve knowledge about Tarsius and conservation efforts in Belitung.

Other activities here include river tubing, outbound activities, and jungle trekking; the latter allows visitors to see various endemic species of flora and fauna in Belitung forest.

Batu Mentas, Belitung is more than just a river in the forest; it is an important conservation area for Belitung endemic species, and a great place to unwind with nature-related activities.