Bangka-Belitung Islands

“The Bangka-Belitung Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Bangka Belitung) or (Chinese: 邦加-勿里洞省) is a province of Indonesia, previously a part of South Sumatra Province. Lying off Sumatra, the province comprises two main islands, Bangka and Belitung, and several smaller ones. In 2010 its population was 1,223,048.The capital is Pangkal Pinang.
The Bangka Strait separates Sumatra and Bangka, and the Gaspar Strait separates Bangka and Belitung. The South China Sea is to the north, the Java Sea is to the south, and the province is separated from Borneo in the east by the Karimata Strait.” Motto: Serumpun Sebalai (Malay). (The same root, the same place) Wikipedia

Bangka Belitung is a new paradise for Indonesian Tourisms that has succeeded to attract a lot of both domestic and foreign tourists.

This province is an archipelago that consists of two primary islands, they are; Bangka and Belitung Island, then the others small islands such as; Lepar Island, Pongok Island, and Mendanau Island.

Bangka Belitung is located in the western part of the Sumatera Province with total of the population is approximately one hundred peoples and its region width is 18.725.14 km2. Bangka Belitung has a tropical climate influenced by windy season that creates the wet season for seven months along a year and continually dry seasons for five months.

The dry season usually occurs in the August till October with the 11-15 rainy days each month. The average temperature is 26,7oC with the average of maximum air is 29.9oC and the average of minimum air is 24,9oC.
Pangkalpinang city is the primary gate to visit this area. This small city is rapidly growing and become the capital city of Bangka Belitung province and the centre of government, commercial and economic. You can choose the flight you like because there are various domestic enterprises from some big cities such as Jakarta, Batam or Palembang. The flight from Jakarta to Bangka Belitung only takes time 55 minutes.

The blue oceans, the calm waves, the smooth and clean white sands, a row of the exotic granite boulders are some exclusive characteristics of the Bangka Belitung’s beaches. Those places are still natural, so quiet, cold, comfortable, and adorable. This is why Bangka Belitung (we called it “Babel” later) become one of the favorite destination tourisms dreamed by a lot of tourists especially the domestic ones.

Bangka Belitung (often called as “Negeri Serumpun Sebalai or Negeri Laskar Pelangi) is the biggest region which products tin and pepper in Indonesia. The tourism attractions of yjis region are the beauty of white sandy beaches, small islands with the exotic granite boulders, the harmony and hospitality of various local ethnics, and also the culinary that raises our appetite.

Babel is a marine tourism paradise that is equal with Lombok or Bali. Bangka Belitung people live with an agrarian and mine, but a bit of its young generation lives with pop-life style.

The perfect combination between beautiful beaches, delicious culinary, the tradition, culture, the panoramic landscape, adorable small islands make Babel is really attractive to be visited.

Various starry international standard hotels such as Novotel and Aston have been available here. If you want to enjoy the resort with the ocean view, you can choose Parai Beach Resort or Tanjung Pesona Bangka.

Belitung Island

Belitung Island is a beautiful island with an amazing natural view. This place is very popular in Indonesia because this place has a uniqueness white sandy beaches adorned by artistic granite boulders crystal-clear sea water and surrounded by a hundred of charming small islands. See Belitung Tours Packages

One of the best beaches in Belitung are Tanjung Kelayang beach, Tanjung Pendam beach, and Tanjung Tinggi beach. The small islands in Belitung are the prime paradise which you don’t miss to. Lengkuas island, Kepayang island, Burung island and Pasir island are some of many beautiful islands in Belitung. In almost all of the islands have their own attractions.

Besides the maritime tourism, there also another tourism objects such as; Pice Gantung Dam, Buding Museum, Manggar Coffee, UMKM Belitung Gallery, King Balok’s Site in Balok village Dendang sub-district, and many more.
Belitung’s people are known by their hospitality by the tourists. The starry hotel is still limited in this place. It is better for you to make some reservations before to make your holiday runs smooth. Paket wisata Belitung

Bangka Tourism Objects
Bangka Island is famous in its beaches’ beauty. Generally, the beaches in Bangka Island have white and smooth sands, but there are also sands with golden-yellow color like rice grains. The sloping beaches with big enough waves and surrounded by the unique and beautiful volcanic rocks.

Some of the famous beaches in Bangka Island are as follows; Parai Tenggiri Beach, Matras Beach, Tanjung Pesona beach, Pasir Padi Beach and Tanjung Kelian Beach in the west.

Besides the beach, Bangka Island also has beautiful small islands which are still natural and uninhabited, such as Ketawai island, Lampu island, and Putri island.

Not only the beaches and islands, Bangka also hides some attractions such as, Tin Pangkalpinang Museum, the only one tin museum in Southeast Asia, Simpang Gedong Traditional Chinese settlement, Dewi Kuan Im Vihara in Sungailiat, and Budhayana Dewi Kwam In Vihara in Damar.

Complete your holiday in Bangka by tasting its famous culinary. Bangka is a paradise of fresh seafood. Some special culinary in Bangka are Lempah Kuning, Rusip and Lempah Darat. Then, for the souvenirs you can take diverse and unique replica made from a tin that is usually known as Peuter craft and Batik Cual.